SALE! Chops & Creativity Drumless Tracks + BONUS

    SALE! Chops & Creativity Drumless Tracks + BONUS

    $11.99 $52.99

    Get The Chops & Creativity Shedtracks

    Get 7 Drumless Tracks + Bonus Pack of 22 ShedLoops


    7 Tracks Included:
    Puzzles, Like A Boss, ConunDrum, Gang, Worldview, In A Funk, Blood Cell.

    + FREE BONUS PACK of 22 Shedloops included at different tempos! (Limited Time Only)


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    22 Brand New Shedloops for only $10.99? $89.99


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    ☑️ Build your Speed and Power on Drums

    ☑️ Upgrade Your Drum Covers and Social Media Content

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    These new Shedloops are great for developing:

    • Faster Chops


    • Good Timing


    • Smoother Fills


    • Great Phrasing


    • Pocket & Feel


    • Patterns, Parts & Discipline



    Here's Exactly What You'll Get for each of the 7 Shedtracks Included. 

    1 .MP3 File of the Shedloop WITH percussion

    1 .MP3 File of Shedloop WITHOUT percussion

    1 .WAV File of Shedloop WITH percussion

    1. BPM Locked Click File


    MAX! Version Information:

    If You Select the MAX! Version with Stems (the $14.99 option) You Will Receive a Higher Quality .WAV File for each shedtrack.

    You will also receive stems to all tracks included for mixing & mastering (Separated Parts Including: Drum Loops, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, all instruments that are in the track) 


    Shedtracks Features:  

    • Introduce More Creativity, Inspiration & Motivation Into Your Practice Time.
    • Attract More Followers To You Quickly With Cutting Edge Drum Play-Alongs
    • The Perfect Curriculum for Your Drum Lesson Students! (Drumless tracks help with timing, memory, and more)
    • All Tracks Professionally Mixed Down to 44.1K 24Bit .WAV File
    • ​Instantly Download After Purchase!

    Please refer to our FAQ section more more information.