Gospel ShedLoops 2

    Gospel ShedLoops 2

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    Gospel ShedLoops 2

    (Drumless Tracks)



    6 Tracks Included:
    Brand New, Worthy, So Thankful, God is Good, Bread of Life, Joyful Praise

    Are you ready for another round of the most inspirational Gospel music drumless tracks?? You'll get 6 blazing new shedloops that are sure to improve your gospel drumming! Get faster chops and fills by shedding to these gospel drumless tracks. (Shedloops) 


    What are ShedLoops?

    ShedLoops are groove heavy verses and EXPLOSIVE choruses that loop around for 10 Minutes so that you can play your heart out... NON-STOP.


    With ShedLoops you can play drums without having to learn a new full "Arrangement".

    You can think of them as your favorite parts to your favorite songs...or even

    • target practice for drummers
    • a batting cage for drummers
    • a musical punching bag for drummers

    It's like your favorite part of the song... on repeat.


    The fun part is that you get to groove and "catch the hits".

    It's almost like playing a video game...but you're practicing drums!

    Take a listen to the demo above!

    These new Shedloops are great for developing:

    • Faster Chops


    • Good Timing


    • Smoother Fills


    • Great Phrasing


    • Pocket & Feel


    • Patterns, Parts & Discipline


    These loops feature big "hits" for you to catch so that you can perfect your drum fills and chops! 

    These loops contain live instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion. There are no drums in the track so that you can play along non-stop for 10 minutes.

    Each loop plays for 10 minutes so that you can stretch your creativity.


      Here's Exactly What You'll Get for each of the 6 ShedLoops Included. 

      1 .MP3 File of the Shedloop WITH percussion

      1 .MP3 File of Shedloop WITHOUT percussion

      1 .WAV File of Shedloop WITH percussion

      1. BPM Locked Click File


      MAX! Version Information:

      If You Select the MAX! Version with Stems, You Will Receive a Higher Quality .WAV File for each shedloop.

      You will also receive stems to all ShedLoops included for mixing & mastering (Separated Parts Including: Drum Loops, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, all instruments that are in the track) 

      These are Drumless tracks (ShedLoops) that will inspire you to want to play drums!


      Shedloops Features:  

      • Introduce More Creativity, Inspiration & Motivation Into Your Practice Time.
      • Attract More Followers To You Quickly With Cutting Edge Drum Play-Alongs
      • The Perfect Curriculum for Your Drum Lesson Students! (Drumless tracks help with timing, memory, and more)
      • All Tracks Professionally Mixed Down to 44.1K 24Bit .WAV File
      • ​Instantly Download After Purchase!

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